Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I bartered away the quilt off my bed!

Last year while we were AZ for the winter I was looking for someone to put pendant lights in my kitchen over my island.  My friend's husband was so nice to say he would put them in for me if they could have the quilt, they had been coveting, that was on my bed.  Hmmmm..... let me think. YES of course I will trade.  
So I got the lights and sent my quilt to its new home.
8 short months later I realize it is time to head south again and I have no quilt on my bed.  Yikes.
I had a fun focus fabric so off I went. As often happens my focus fabric took a back seat, but it is still in the quilt (that doesn't always happen)

As you can see we had a blue sky day in the big sky state, that doesn't always happen either!
The pattern is loosely based on a quilt I saw by Amy Ellis.
I love how it turned out.

 As usual, I had a ton of fun quilting it.  I stayed with the same pattern the whole way thru! Pfffu.  That was a good character building exercise for me.  No mindless meandering.  Say What! Nope!

These two pic's are bad!  The back is Hoffman or Kaufman ( who can keep them straight)
Raven batik.

I love the scrunchy goodness of batik when it has been washed.
 This baby is 145 x 91.  Don't think I can make a normal size quilt.

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