Wednesday, April 6, 2016

AZ Penquins

Last summer I took a class with Michelle Jackson.

Art quilts aren't really my cup of tea but I wanted to learn some of her techniques.
I didn't want to do a landscape or a I picked a pic of a penguin.  Thought  I would do a couple of them in technicolor.

But then I realized I should learn some of her techniques so I made a realistic penguin.  I love him but needed something to make it more my style.  So I added three colorful panels.
 The only way to put them together was to make each one a panel and then quilt as you go.  Fun.
 I quilted fish in the stomachs of a couple of them and then just had fun.

It ended up being something like 50 x 80.  I only have one wall that can handle it well.  So these penquins are living the life in Arizona.